4 Reasons Using An Ice Plug to Fix Help Repair A Shut Off Valve in the Winter Makes Sense

Plumbers may be able to use a special freezing machine capable of stopping water in a pipe when both the interior and exterior shut off valves don’t work. A plumber relies on the strength of an “ice plug” in order to fix the interior valve before the frigid temperatures cause a pipe to burst. Anyone thinking of delaying such work during winter time should ponder these four solid reasons to move quickly instead.

1. Fixing the exterior valve may not be possible in winter weather.

Sidewalk concrete may need to be broken to reach the exterior valve. This means new concrete must be poured after the initial repair work on the valve is done. Pouring concrete in freezing weather is extremely difficult. The work may not even be possible until spring arrives.

Weather conditions might be too harsh to perform the necessary outdoor fix. Snow and freezing rain undermine the ability for plumber Toronto to work outside. At least with an ice plug machine, the interior valve can be fixed until the exterior one can be repaired as well.

2. Your pipes are at risk of freezing in the winter.

During the winter, pipes can freeze and burst. If pressurized pipe bursts, water comes flowing out in huge volumes rather quickly. Being unable to shut off either valve means the water shall continue to flow until someone can come up with a solution. By that time, tens of thousands of dollars in damage may be inflicted on a home.

This situation can occur any time of the year. So, don’t assume two non-working shut off valves is fine in spring and summer weather. Being unable to shut off the flow of water in the pipes could lead to a catastrophic situation any time of the year. In the winter, the potential hazards may increase. So, the interior valve work should be done immediately.

3. The insurance may not pay for damages caused by a burst pipe.

A homeowner’s policy may exclude burst pipes from coverage altogether. Even when a burst pipe is covered under the policy, issues surrounding the condition of the shutoff valves may arise. Coverage could be denied because neglect led to the valve’s condition. Why take any chances when a plumber could repair the interior valve after plugging the water with a freeze machine.

4. The ice plug process isn’t exactly invasive.

Usually, a segment below the shutoff valve wrapped in a sleeve connected to the machine that performs the freezing. The machine is turned on, the ice plug forms, and the plumber does the repair work. As long as there is enough pipe for the freezing machine to work with, the plumber won’t likely have any trouble doing the job.

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