5 Causes Of Low Water Pressure And How To Fix Them

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Dealing with lowering water pressure can be frustrating for any homeowner. The source of the problem is not always obvious and takes an inspection of the entire path that water takes when entering the home. You may need the assistance of a local plumber Toronto to help track down and fix the pressure. Below are some of the causes and how to fix them.

1. Clogs

There is a variety of sediment and minerals that begin coating the inside of your water pipes, eventually leading to the lowering of the water pressure in certain areas of the home. You can test this quickly by comparing bathroom faucets to kitchen, or laundry room to outdoor hose faucets. You should be able to determine the problem area quickly. If it is generalized low pressure throughout the home there is another problem. Clogs rarely happen in multiple locations and a pipe cleaning usually does the trick in building the pressure again.

The clog could also occur in the aerator. Check out this video to see how to clean it:

2. Multiple Faucet Use and Small Pipes

Having someone taking a shower at the same time that the washing machine is running will create low water pressure in the home. Homes with multiple bathrooms and a lot of people in and out taking showers, using toilets and sinks simultaneously can cause a predictable lowering of water pressure. The next time you take note that the pressure has dropped take a realistic look at how many water sources are running at one time. The picture may come into focus right away. The best solution for this is to increase the size of the pipe that brings water into the house.

3. Partially Shut Valves

Consistent low water pressure throughout the home, or in central areas can mean that a water valve has been partially shut off, or is failing. The problem is generally fixed once the valve is opened wider. Replacement of the valve is rarely necessary. Locations of the valves can vary, but they are normally along the intake water lines near faucets and water outlets. There is also a pressure release valve and water main valve that when restricted will reduce the flow of water to a noticeable degree.

4. Hot Water Low Pressure

Are you experiencing low water pressure during times that hot water is being used? There is a water pressure valve located on the appliance that may be the culprit. Opening the valve further will clear this up. High demands for hot water may mean that the pipes are too small to funnel the hot water in the quantities needed, or the unit itself is not providing enough hot water. A qualified plumber Toronto can determine the cause and fix the problem.

5. Water Leaks

A sudden and serious drop in water pressure often indicates there is a serious water leak. You will need to totally inspect the water system of your home to better determine if this is the case. Start with the water meter and gradually work your way inside the house. Look for obvious signs of water leaks and abnormal areas of wet dirt and flooring. Running toilets can also cause a drop in water pressure. Make sure all water connections are tight, leak free and operating as they should. Call a plumber in if you are unable to determine the cause of the drop in pressure or have a serious leak.



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