7 Ways to Save Your Plumbing When Vacationing

Planning a vacation should entail more than deciding where to go and when to arrive. Coming home to find your home damaged severely by a water leak and needing the services of a plumber is a real possibility for any homeowner. Below are seven ways you can help protect your plumbing before taking off for a vacation.

1. Shut Off Main Water Line and Winterize If Cold

It might be impossible for you to shut the water off entirely, but it is one sure way to alleviate worries of frozen pipes when gone for extended periods of time as temperatures plummet below freezing. Hire a plumber to come in and help winterize your pipes, drains, and toilets.

2. Keep Heat Running In Winter

If it is cold and the water needs to remain on, keep the heat running enough to eliminate worries of freezing pipes that burst. This will reduce the chances of coming home to a mess.

3. Use Individual Line Shut-Off Valves

If you are unable to shut off the water completely, you can employ a method that is nearly as effective. Utilize the in-line water shut-off valves situated under the sinks, near the toilets, and bathtubs to set limits. It will keep the flow of any water from reaching these areas and causing a mess with unforeseen leaks.

4. Fix Exiting Leaks

Small leaks can turn into waterfalls without much notice. Your home will be in a world of trouble if this happens while you are on vacation. Have a plumber Toronto come and inspect the plumbing and fix any leaks before you leave.

5. Cut Off Sprinklers

Your lawn sprinkler system might already be off if it is winter but shut the system down if it is warmer and in use. Your grass will survive a few days without being watered daily. You could be looking at foundation damage, a messy yard and colossal water bill if it develops a leak while you are away.

6. Shut Down Water Heater

You can save a potential damaging leak by shutting down and draining the water heater before your trip. It will save money on energy costs by not continually heating water that remains unused during this time. Seek professional assistance for this project.

7. Have a Friend Check Your Home Periodically

Ask a trusted friend or relative to stop in and check the house periodically while you are away. A quick visual inspection of the exterior and interior will reveal if any problems need to be taken care of right away.
Taking advantage of a few safety precautions will allow you to relax on your vacation without worrying about water leaks. It will make your time away more enjoyable for all.

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