The Trenchless Storm Drain Repair Process

Storm drains are designed to carry water from buildings to a large storm system where the water can be disposed easily. Considering that storm drains are located away from the building, it is possible to fail to detect blockages in time. When storm drains are not working as they should, water may build up causing it to leak back into the building. One way to fix storm drains is using trenchless storm drain repair, which has made storm drain repair quick and eco-friendly. You will need to hire a well-trained plumber for this.

Signs that there could be a problem in your storm drain

  • Slow moving waste water
  • Toilet water going back up after flushing
  • Odor from the drain

Trenchless repair process
Once you notice a problem in your system, contact a plumber Toronto immediately. When making the call, be sure to indicate your location and explain the situation at your place. Once the plumber arrives, he will inspect the extent of damage using camera inspection. Next, the expert will dig out two points of access on your land, which he will use to reach the two openings of the storm drain. After fixing the problem, you need not worry about your yard since it will not be tampered with.
Advantages of using trenchless repair to fix storm drains
Trenchless systems are affordable
Since the process takes half the time the traditional process would take, you will save on labor and time. Only a few trenchless technicians are required to complete the job, which drives the overall cost down. Also, no major digging is required, thus less cost on landscaping and restoration procedures.
Less digging equals to less interruption
Trenchless Drain repair requires minimal digging and excavation. Only two holes will be made, as compared to the extensive excavation during the traditional repair methods. Therefore, it implies that there will be minimal disruption of your daily activities; whether at home or the office.
Once the system is fixed, it will take a very long time before you think of repairing them again. However, for it to last for long, you must hire an experienced and professional plumber. With a strong system, the value of your property will increase. Thus, in case you want to sell the property, it will go for a higher price than before.
Avoid fines
By law, county governments are inclined to penalize those who have improper working storm drains. The penalties may vary depending on the kind of storm drain problem. With time, the penalties may add up, making you pay a hefty amount. You can avoid all this by hiring a plumber to fix your storm drain the moment it becomes dysfunctional.
Storm drains are critical in ensuring proper drainage. Always check your drains to ensure they are working properly. If they are not in good shape, do not hesitate to hire a plumber to carry out trenchless storm drain repair.

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