Top Reasons to Call a Plumber for a Clogged Drain

When many homeowners think about a clogged drain, they think about a minor maintenance issue that can easily be overcome with the proper effort. In fact, a partially clogged drain is such a seemingly minor maintenance task that many homeowners overlook completing the process of removing the clog until the clog has grown in size and has become a more problematic issue. Your drain may now be mostly or completely clogged, preventing most or all water from passing through it. While you may now be ready to attempt clog removal on your own, there are several good reasons why you need to call a plumber Toronto for assistance.

You May Make the Clog Harder to Remove
One of the primary steps a homeowner will take to remove a clog is to use a handheld snake device to pull the clog out. Some will even open a metal clothes hanger to create a long metal piece they snake into the pipe. While this effort may be effective in some cases, the reality is that it can make the problem worse. When your efforts do not work, they could push the clog farther down the pipe, or they could compact the matter in the clog to make it an even more significant problem.

You May Not Completely Remove the Clog
Even when your do-it-yourself efforts are sufficient at removing some of the matter, most homeowners will leave behind at least some of the matter. In some cases, enough matter is removed so that the rest of the clog can pass through the drain. In other instances, the clog remains in place. While enough of the debris may have been removed to allow some water to pass through, the clog will quickly grow in size again. This can lead to a repeat of the current problem.

You May Damage Your Home
When snaking fails, some homeowners will then turn to liquid drain cleaning products. These are harsh chemicals that break down the materials in the clog. When the material is broken down enough, the theory is that the clog will then be small enough to pass through the pipe. However, these drain cleaning products are not always effective. In addition, they can lead to deterioration in your pipes and can pollute the water supply.

The best idea is to prevent clogs from developing in the first place. Using drain covers is a great way to prevent many clogs from developing. However, if you already have a clog, you may need to resolve the issue at hand before you take preventive steps. Hiring a plumber Toronto is a great step to take that can result in the complete, effective removal of the clog.

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