When to Call a Plumber

Plumber hands fixing water pipe with spanner and with leaking water from pipe

Plumber hands fixing water pipe with spanner and with leaking water from pipe

Although there are several plumbing issues you can effectively tackle on your own, some might prove too much to handle, in which case you will need the services offered by a professional plumber. It is important to know when to engage professional help. Listed below are five such scenarios.

1. When the faucet keeps dripping
Most people have at some point in time lived with a dripping faucet, especially since a slight leak is typically considered a minor issue. However, if left unchecked, that small dripping problem can result in a lot of water wastage. According to the EPA, a slight leak dripping one drop every second can lead to the wastage of approximately 3,000 gallons of water in a single year. Worse yet, such leaks might be indicative of even bigger plumbing problems. If you are good with tools, and you don’t mind the work involved, you can always try a do-it-yourself repair, but if your efforts are not fruitful, call in the professionals.

2. When your bathtub does not drain
Bathtub clogs must be dealt with immediately since they can only worsen with time, causing more standing water in your tub. Addressing the problem as early as possible saves you a lot of time, money, and aggravation. Engaging a professional Plumber Toronto is the best option to ensure clearance of the obstruction and checking to confirm it is not part of a larger problem. Call in a professional as soon as the tub begins to drain slowly, well before it can escalate to a full clog.

3. When water is not flowing in a proper manner
Inconsistent or low water pressure usually indicates a plumbing problem. If it is limited to your shower or a few faucets, it might simply require clearing mineral buildups from the fixture. However, if you are experiencing water flow issues throughout your house, it often is indicative of a much bigger problem with the supply line. A professional plumber knows how to diagnose and fix such problems to restore normal water pressure.

4. When your pipes freeze over
Frozen pipes make for wintertime’s plumbing nightmare. It is always advisable that you call in a professional plumber like Express Rooter immediately, especially since there is always the possibility that a frozen pipe will either crack or burst. You should also refrain from trying do-it-yourself thawing exercises seeing as they usually worsen the situation. A burst pipe often leaves a big mess and causes extensive water damages, which is why leaving it to the experts is advisable.

5. When your toilet clogs
Same as a burst pipe, a toilet clog that you cannot clear while using a plunger calls for immediate professional attention. Clogged toilets could signify sewage line issues too big for a plunger. Call in experts who can use the right tools along with their expertise to get your toilet functional again rather than causing damages such as scratching the porcelain while trying to clear the clog yourself.

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